The 3 Simple Rules To Success

Before we can adequately discuss the three simple rules to success we have to define the word success.

We must know exactly what we mean when we say “success”. I suppose that to most people the word “success” refers mostly to money and the things money can buy, as in cars, boats, motorcycles, helicopters, jets, multiple mansions etc.

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What Is Success?

Happy-family To others it might refer to marriage, family, health, social success or any of a dozen other worthy areas in which we might desire to excel. Success in any particular field may be articulated specifically for that field and may serve to clarify a particular goal, but for this discussion I am using the word “success” in a general sense that will apply to all goals.

The Best Definition

With that said, the best definition of success that I have ever heard is the one given by the late, great Earl Nightingale. He said that success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. Now give that definition some time and thought. It deserves it. Commit it to memory. It will serve you well.

If we adopt that definition (and I encourage you to make it your own) that brings a number of issues into play. The most obvious is we have to have a goal or a number of goals and they must be worthwhile to us. This article can’t address the subject of setting goals but it is a fact that we can’t have success if we don’t have goals. So if you have trouble setting worthwhile goals then get a book, a course, a coach or something in order to remove this barrier. Setting goals is a learned process. Anyone can learn it, anyone can do it. There is no excuse for leaving this barrier to success in your path. So deal with it.

Goals need to be written down. There are a number of reasons the goals must be written down. The first and easiest is that writing your goals down works. Now why does it work? My guess is that it has to do with clarity. If you’ve ever done this you will relate to the experience. You write a goal down. Then the next day you read it. As you read it you realize it doesn’t sound just right, it needs something extra to make it just right. So you tweak the goal. Now it sounds right, now it’s clear.

Then you read it again latter. Once again, it needs to be tweaked just a bit. So you rewrite the goal. This is a process. That particular goal will probably be revised a dozen times until it is achieved. And in the process of clarifying the goal and rewriting the goal we are programming our subconscious mind to achieve the goal.

So the quick lesson is to write your goals and rewrite them as many times as is necessary to get them exactly right in your mind. Since this isn’t about setting goals or achieving goals I need to move on.

Let’s review our definition of success. Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal. This definition also requires that our goals be measurable and that progress be measured. If it can’t be measured then how can we know if we are making progress? We can’t. So this definition also requires that our goals be written in such a waytime that they have benchmarks and time tables. Benchmarks are the tracking points along the way that we will see along the journey to achieve the goal. No benchmarks. No goal.

Timetables keep us from fooling ourselves. If we don’t plan on making measurable progress on a particular goal then take it off the list. Put it on a different list for future goals but take it off the goal list. Your goals are things you will make progress on. If you will make progress then there is a predictable timetable defining when you will hit various benchmarks. You will see the importance of this as we reveal the first of the three simple rules to success.


The next thing that must be addressed is the word “simple” in “The Three Simple Rules to Success”. This is a very important word. Very important. Very very important.

Here’s what I mean. Back in the garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve one simple rule. Don’t eat of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He gave them one rule. One simple rule. At the time he gave them the one simple rule He also gave them the consequences for breaking the rule. The consequences were pretty bad. You’re gonna die!

Well, you know the story. The woman was beguiled by the serpent. The woman urged Adam to join her and the one simple rule was broken. At that moment Adam and Eve began to experience the consequences of breaking the rule. They began to age. Now aging is pretty bad when you consider how much time, effort and money is spent on anti-aging products and procedures! But that was not the only consequence. The bigger consequence is that they were kicked out of the garden. The garden was a wonderful place that provided everything physically, emotionally and spiritually that man would ever need including direct access to God.

One Strike And You’re Out!

They broke the one simple rule and they were kicked out of the garden. They were now cut off from the tree of life. They broke the rule – and they were out. It is really simple. Follow the rule and you’re in. Break the rule and your out. It’s simple.

The Three Simple Rules to Success are equally simple. Follow them and you’re in. Break them and you’re out. Follow them and you will instantly begin to succeed. Break them, modify them, test their outer limits and you’re out. It’s that simple.

Once you’re familiar with the 3 simple rules you will note that all who follow the rules succeed. All who break the rules fall short to the degree that they break the rules. It isn’t necessary to even know the rules to follow them and succeed. As you ponder the rules you will note those who break them and watch their demise. You will note those who follow the rules along with their progressive realization of their worthwhile goals. It really is that simple. Follow them and you’re in. Break them and you’re out. Simple.

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