Rule # 1 - Understand your most valuable asset

Almost no one understand what their most valuable asset really is. 

Few really understand its power

Andrew Carnegie is often quoted as saying that you could take all of his wealth away but leave him his key people and he would have everything back in a very short period of time. Was his key people his most valuable asset?

A famous Real Estate guru has made the claim that you could drop him in any major city in the United Stated with only $50 to his name and within 48 hours he could buy and control real estate with no money and no credit and actually put money in his pocket from the real estate deals. He claims that all he needs is the knowledge of how to do it. Amazingly this guru was taken up on this challenge not once but twice and pulled it off both times. Is knowledge his most valuable asset?

Others may think their most valuable asset is their home, their 401k, their inheritance or other physical assets. Some may claim their most valuable asset is their understanding and relationship with God. Take a moment and answer the question “What is your most valuable asset?

Our most valuable asset is our word. It’s very simple. If you keep your word, your word becomes very powerful. If you break your word it becomes weak and powerless.

Now go back and consider Andrew Carnegie and the Real Estate guru. Could either one of these men have succeeded if their word had not had great power?

Could Andrew Carnegie have kept his great people if his word had no value? Of course not! Those relationships had value because of the element of mutual trust and respect. Without that trust and respect those relationships would have had little value.

 Getting away from the physical, how valuable is one’s knowledge and relationship with God if their word is no good? God’s word has a lot to say about those who lie and deceive. Satan is called the great deceiver.

Think of every successful person you know and you will see power in their word. Now there is no doubt that business is far easier to conduct profitably if your business associates trust you. They must believe you will keep your word or they won’t do business with you. It’s simple. An employer will not give greater responsibilities and income to those who can’t be trusted.

But that is only the beginning of the power of this asset. What is far more important than your associates believing and trusting you is your opinion of your word.

Do You Believe You?

When you tell yourself that you are going to do something, do you do it?

When you tell yourself that you are going to make something happen, does it happen? You see, this is where the real power of your word comes into play.

Every time we keep our word to ourselves, our word gets stronger. Every time we break our word, our power is crushed and we have to start over. Many are in the terrible habit of over committing. They make so many casual commitments they can’t possibly keep them all.

There are no casual commitments. Everything counts. If you say it, make it happen. If you can’t make it happen, don’t say it. Your opinion of your word is the most important opinion. No excuses. No justification. No explanations. If you make a commitment, no matter how small, no matter how large, whether it is made to someone else or just made silently to yourself, keep it.

There is a lot of psychological proof and science behind this rule. Yet you don’t really need any of the proof or science to validate the rule.

You’ve Always Known It.

As a matter of fact, when you break your word you will unconsciously punish yourself with some self sabotaging activity that will guarantee your failure. You won’t let yourself succeed unless you have a high opinion of your own word. It’s the way we’re wired.

Consider the real estate guru. He put together real estate deals with no money and no credit. The only thing that held these deals together was his word. People had to trust him and to believe in him in order to move forward. This gentleman had great confidence that persuaded others to believe in him.

Now Think About This. Where Does Confidence Come From?

Confidence is believing in yourself. It’s hard to believe in yourself if you don’t believe yourself.

Self esteem and confidence are built by keeping our word to ourselves as well as to others.

Keep your word and you’re welcome into the garden of success. Break it and you’re out. It’s that simple. There is a lot more information, stories and proof on this subject but since this is an article and not a book I need to move on to rule #2

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